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Solar Tech Co., Ltd.
313 Sinwon Vision Tower, #898, Hogye-dong, Donan-gu, Anyang-city, Gyeonggi-do 431-081 Korea
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Yong-Ryeun Kim , CEO

Solar Tech Co., Ltd.

Solar Tech Co., Ltd.

Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar Landscape Lighting (STL-0408)

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Solar Landscape Lighting (STL-0408)

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Solar Tech Co.,Ltd.

Most of Solar LED Lighting products on the current market (e.g. Solar Garden Lights, etc.) adopt rechargeable battery as an electrical energy storage device. However, we, Solar tech, have adopted EDLC(Electric Double Layer Capacitor) for electrical energy storage device. So our Solar LED landscape lighting products are eco-friendly, and product life is semi-permanent and maintenance free.

(A) Product Overview: During the day time, the solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the solar cell and stored at the EDLC. During the night time, the electricity store at the EDLC is supplied to turn on the LED light with five different colors (i.e. red, green, blue, yellow, white).

(B) Charge/Discharge of EDLC: Full charging time, approximately, during the bright sunshine is four hours, six hours during the cloudy day, nine hours during the rainy day.  When the EDLC is fully charged it lights the LED for more than twelve hours.

(C) Installation Location: Our LED landscape lighting products may be easily installed at any places, e.g. park, square, sports facility, beach, garden, etc. especially, the location where no electricity is available or wiring is extremely difficult.

(D) Operation Temperature:  EDLC charge/discharge at -40℃ to 70℃

(E) Environment Protection: Since our Solar LED Lighting products utilize no battery, they are eco-friendly and cause no environmental pollution. We have acquired RoHS certificate on all of our products.

(F) Charging Time: 3 Hours(Sunny Days) ~ 8 Hours(Rainy Days)

(G) Operating Time(Full Charge): More than 12 Hours

(H) Onset Point:

- Light On: Sunset(Less Than 150~350LUX)

- Light Off: Sunrise(More Than 150~350LUX. Charging Time)

(I) LED Luminous Colors: Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,White [5 Kinds Colors]

(J) Lighting ON Type: Continue

(K) Water Proof: IP 68

(L) Housing: Poly-Carbonate Material(Upper Part: UV Coating)

(M) Life of the product : More than 10 Years

(N) Warranty Period :  2 Years 



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